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How to Lose Weight Fast - Eat 5 portion-controlled balanced meals per day, 3 hours apart for quick weight loss

Timing, quantity and balance are the key to keeping your body’s metabolism burning fat. Years ago it was thought that weight gain and loss was a matter of “calories in and calories out”. We know today that it is more complicated than that. We now know that your body is programmed to insure survival. It will go into “preservation mode” whenever it perceives a danger of starvation. You may not actually be in danger of starvation, but if the body perceives it that way it protects itself at all costs. In a battle with your body you will lose, it will win. This is one of the main reasons why repeated diets not only don’t work, but actually convince the body you are trying in every way to do it harm.

But you can convince your body that your healthy change of habits poses no threat to its survival. You can actually enlist its aid in achieving your excess fat loss goals. To accomplish this you must understand your body’s hormones and turn them to your advantage. Only in this way can you get quick weight loss and make it permanent.

Portion control and meal frequency

To lose excess fat it’s vitally important to break the habit of eating too much food in too few sittings. If you eat more than 600 calories in a single sitting, the excess calories, even from fat-free foods, tell your body to store them as fat rather than burn them for energy. The larger the meal is the more of the hormone insulin your body releases in response. Such an insulin spike tells your body to burn carbohydrate for fuel rather than burning up your stored fat. Small meals spaced about 3 hours apart demand less insulin. In the absence of excess insulin the body will burn fat. After a meal it takes the body about 3 hours to break down the food into sugar. To keep your blood sugar levels steady and your metabolism burning fat you again need to eat another portion-controlled meal.

Meal balance

Along with meal size and frequency, meal composition is key. A correct combination of lean protein, complex carbohydrate, and healthy fat is essential to turning on the body’s fat-burning engine. It also reduces the urge to overeat, especially at night.

Since we take the approach that any healthy habit you adopt must be one that’s personally enjoyable and easily followed, we use a “rule of thumb” approach to balancing your meals. Just getting protein and carbohydrate into better balance is a major step toward losing fat. Thus we suggest that each of your meals incorporate a 50/50 technique of visualizing a palm-size piece of protein (ie. a 4 ounce to 6 ounce portion) and a like palm-size portion of complex carbohydrate. This way there is no calorie counting or carbohydrate gram counting.

We suggest that you select one of these proteins:

Chicken (without skin)
Turkey (without skin)
Lean beef

Egg whites

The carbohydrates to include in your palm-size portion should be lower-glycemic. The slower a complex carbohydrate breaks down into its simple sugars in your digestive track, the lower-glycemic it is. Get a copy of the glycemic index and included foods if our list below is lacking something you crave. Some carbohydrates aren’t listed in the glycemic index since they have so little effect on your blood sugar levels. These are the ones you seek. The carbohydrates listed below can be included freely in your small meal program:


The following list of complex carbohydrates, when combined using the 50/50 technique with a protein, produces fat loss and a steady energy supply.

Alfalfa sprouts
Bamboo shoots
Celery root
Green beans
Hearts of palm

Mustard greens
Pea pods
Turnip greens
Water chestnuts

Refined carbohydrates promote fat gain and fatigue. These should be avoided, and are listed as follows: White bread, White rice, Most packaged breakfast cereals, Donuts, Cakes, Cookies, Bagels, Fruit and vegetable juices, Fruit drinks, Soda, and Candy.

Healthy fats should be eaten in very small amounts. The essential fatty acids (EFAs) are omega-3 and omega-6. These help regulate fat levels, water balance, and other metabolic functions. Omega-3 plays a major role in energy balance and blood sugar metabolism. It has the ability to burn fat to produce energy and heat. It elevates your fat-burning power. The dietary ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids should be no greater than 3:1. To enhance your EFA intake, especially of omega-3s, eat salmon, mackeral, trout or sardines as your palm-size protein choice at least twice a week.

You can include small amounts of monounsaturated fat in your eating plan. Olive oil, canola oil or avocados in modest serving sizes can also boost your metabolism.

If your busy day keeps you from preparing balanced meals, consider an alternative such as Bistro MD. It's a proven strategy that has worked for thousands of others. It's easy, it's delicious ...Get your own Personal Chef!

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Meal replacements help you lose fat fast

You can eat balanced, portion-controlled meals even on-the-go if you purchase inexpensive meal-replacement bars at your grocery. These are tasty and nutrient-balanced. MRP’s can provide a specific amount of calories, as well as provide a balanced supply of macronutrients – carbohydrate, protein and fat. In combination with your regular meals, one or two of these MRP’s can make the plan convenient and effective. They will also keep your portions appropriate.

Many recent studies have shown that meal replacements, as part of a low-calorie diet, are effective for helping people lose weight. University of Kansas researchers found that subjects using meal replacements for weight control lost as much weight as people who took a leading weight loss drug, Alli ( GlaxoSmithKline Alli Starter Pack, 90 Capsules ). Subjects in both groups lost nearly 50 pounds in a year. The study showed that meal replacements can make you lose fat fast. ( J Am Coll Nut, 24:347-353, 2005)

Brazilian researchers found that solid meals satisfy hunger better than liquid meals. They compared hunger sensations in response to liquid and solid meals containing equal calories and high carbohydrates. In every case, people took in more calories during the day after consuming the liquid meal, 12 percent to 20 percent more calories. Solid meals prevent hunger and overeating better than liquid meals. (International Journal Obesity, in press; published online June 19, 2007)

Since MRP nutrition bars are solid meal replacements, shown to prevent subsequent hunger better than their liquid equivalents, and since they are much easier to pop into a purse or jacket pocket, we prefer to consume them. Finding an MRP nutrition bar that fits the budget and tastes good can be easily accomplished with a little experimenting.

Your MRP nutrition bar of choice should fit the following:







about 300

about 8 grams or less

about 3 grams or more

about 7 grams or less

about 15 grams or more

about 15 grams or more

The protein and carbohydrate can be higher, but should be close to a 50/50 balance (ie. 15 grams and 15 to 20 grams). All of these nutrient guidelines are a rule of thumb, not an absolute number. Get a combination reasonably close to the above guideline and you should be fine.

Beyond providing a means to conveniently follow our multi-meal plan, and delivering significant weight loss on its own, the MRP nutrition bar has been shown to lower total cholesterol, insulin, blood pressure and triglycerides. Reducing each of these factors decreases the risk of serious health problems like heart disease and stroke.

Many dieters have experienced weight loss with other programs, only to regain the excess weight upon returning to their previous eating patterns. The MRP-associated diet program studied above allowed most participants to maintain their weight loss for the duration of the study. Thus MRP’s, in addition to aiding in the initial weight loss, have been shown to be an important tool to enable you to self-manage your dietary habits permanently.

Worldwide Pure Protein is our brand of choice because they provide a perfect blend of the nutrients listed above and taste great! You can order these in several delicious flavors. Worldwide Pure Protein Bars, Box Of 12


Eat an acidic food if you are consuming high glycemic carbohydrates

Eating an acidic food before or with a high glycemic carbohydrate effectively lowers its glycemic index rating by one-third. This effect is brought about by the acidic food’s ability to slow down your digestion, which, in turn, slows down your blood sugar rise from the carbohydrate. Manage the glycemic effect of your meals by including one of the following acidic foods:

Dill and sweet pickles
Green olives
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Marinated vegetables
Pickled beets
Pickled eggs
Pickled garlic
Pickled herring
Pickled legumes
Pickled peppers
Sourdough bread
Tangy salsas

But watch the labels to avoid any of the above foods which also contain sugar.

We at are not medical doctors.  We are diet and fitness researchers providing you reference information only, not medical advice.  The information given here is designed to help you make informed decisions about your fitness.  It is not intended as a substitute for any prescribed medical treatments.  We advise you to consult with a physician regarding any medical conditions or issues you may have before making changes to your diet or exercise routine.

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